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The Pouring Hail

this ain't a compromise

it's the calming of a storm

when I know you're mine

for when ceilings fail

crushed from the pouring hail

and it's high time to get ready to get ready

yeah it's high time to fade those days to gray


open that door and I'm ready for

the upside the downside the landslide

or the pouring hail or the bridges that fail

I think I'm ready for the cracked ice under my feet

or the weight above buckling my knees

to the leeches making me bleed

or the maniacs spreading their seed

and the combination making me weak


so I keep that door slightly cracked

cause you never when you're crawling back no

my body is itching to give in but my mind is screaming no muddled up emotions its the saddest scene of all  

tearing off the old skin making room for a new coat

so I keep that door cracked

cause you never know when you're crawling back

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